Fourteen year-old Janiyah Blackmon wrestles with her new life in New York City as her mom tries to move her family out of the shelter system and into a stable home.
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A part of the Queen’s Collective Shorts
Sponsored by Tribeca Studios, P&G, and Queen Latifah
Tribeca Film Festival 2019 World Premiere

“When I was little, I grew up homeless, here and there. I lived in motels and in and out of cars sometimes. Up until undergrad I did and I kept it a secret and it’s something I don’t talk about, even when I was in film school; but in the last two years I felt very free to talk about it. I was shooting a film based on one of my summer experiences at a motel and I met a girl who was living at a motel and it reminded me so much of myself and vowed to go back and make a documentary about her.” - Haley Elizabeth Anderson

Haley Elizabeth Anderson

Swetha Regunathan

Lasse Ulvedal Tolbøll

Prashanth Kamalakanthan, Cheree Dillon

Cyrus Tabar

Executive Producer:
Nina Chaudry

Janiyah Blackmon, McKayla Blackmon, Jakena Blackmon